Hexed (Iron Druid Chronicles #2) - Luke Daniels, Kevin Hearne

This takes place just 3 weeks after Hounded and the dust is still settling. The target on Atticus is bigger than before -- funny what a reputation as a god-killer will do to a guy, from attacks to pleas for help, more people than ever want to know where he is.


Last time, I summed up the book with this:

Atticus finds himself in even more trouble--this time there's a very nasty coven that wants to come in and take over the Tempe area--and their first step will be eliminating all other magic practitioners.

So our hero has to suck up his prejudice against witches and team up with the very same group that threatened him last time out to defend the home turf and maybe even clean up some long unfinished business.

which pretty much holds up.


The couple of additions I'd make are that I loved Coyote, and had totally forgotten that he appeared so early in the series. I miss Mr. Semerdjian -- and while I understand why Hearne took the steps he did to prevent us from getting the nosy neighbor in every book, I sort of regret it after getting reacquainted with the character. Another thing that I'd forgotten about, but really enjoyed (probably more than I should've) is the scene where Atticus has to go all Three Stooges with the policemen and his camouflaging of his sword, some baseball bats and himself. Seriously funny, while juvenile, stuff.


Speaking of funny, it's dangerous to listen to these at work -- there were at least two times that Oberon's commentary made me laugh out loud. Thankfully, none of the people who work next to me were at their desks either time, or I'd have gotten a few looks. Just a warning to anyone thinking of it -- you may look silly.


Luke Daniels delivers again -- he's so good at this that I'm thinking of shopping for something by him just to hear him read. The only complaint I have is that his Mr. Semerdjian sounds too much like a high-pitched Oberon. Which is just weird, and probably not something that either character would enjoy. Daniels' Coyote, and the speech patterns Atticus adopts while talking with him are fantastic.


A great edition of a solid sequel.

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