Dear Mr. You - Mary -Louise Parker
I'm not sure what I expected from this, but this wasn't it. But whatever this was?  It was a real treat to read.
I guess it's basically, Alanis Morissette's "Unsent" in book form. The book is a compilation of letters to a wide assortment of men in her life -- or adjacent to it -- some named, some nicknamed ("Blue"), some described ("Cab Driver").
The style varies from letter to letter, a little bit, but on the whole the voice is consistent, it's the content and audience that drives the mood. Seemingly very honest and candid, this carries all sorts of situation -- the doctor who saved her life, the uncle of the girl she adopted, her grandfather, her daughter's future significant other, a few former paramours, a few total strangers. The strongest material involves her immediate family -- her father, her son, her daughter, especially her father.
Given Parker's acting ability and the personal nature of this material, if she does the audiobook for this, I think it'd be more effective than than the dead-tree version.  But that's just a guess.
Sure, not every letter is gold -- a few bored me.  But the majority kept me reading, entertaining me, making me chuckle, giving the occasional "aww" moment, and even jerking a few tears.  Anyway you slice it, this lady can write.