I did come across some fun things to read this week, bu I've got no podcasts (a couple of videos, though), no new releases to talk about, this is going to be quick. Which I guess is good, because I don't see a lot of my US readers all that interested in spending time today in reading this post (...eh, maybe given the peculiarities of this year...).


Happy Independence Day to you in the U. S., and happy Saturday to the rest of you. Odds n ends about books and reading that caught my eye this week. You've probably seen some/most/all of them, but just in case:

bullet How to Fit Reading into Your Stay-at-Home Life

bullet Flipping hell: book designers lament Waterstones' back-to-front displays—Waterstones made (IMHO) a pretty smart move when it comes to book displays right now, but...yeah, I can see where designers would be miffed.

bullet This tweet from Kevin Hearne did two things: 1. Taught me the term "ink drinker" (buveur d'encre) for bookworm (although one of the comments to his tweet contests that), and 2. led me to finding this list: Names for people who #read a lot—I like the Welsh (and one of the Swedish) name a lot, too.

bullet 7 Ways You’re De-Valuing Your Books

bullet Me and my detective by Lee Child, Attica Locke, Sara Paretsky, Jo Nesbø and more—authors on living with their creations for years

bullet The Stories Behind 15 of the Best Names Famous Writers Gave to Their Pets bullet Mallory O'Meara (@malloryomeara)—tweeted the best idea I've heard this year.

bullet The Doctor will see you now with Ian Patrick—a half-hour chat with the inimitable Ian Patrick about his new book (that i recently gushed over), his work with the police and...probably some other stuff (I haven't had time to finish it yet)

bullet The Great Fantasy Debate: Is It Better to Have a Career in the Empire or the Rebellion in Star Wars? with authors Pierce Brown and Tochi Onyebuchi

bullet The Greatest Book Blogging Myths I’ve Encountered: Some Confessions And Thoughts On What We Think Blogging Is And What It Actually Is

 bullet 22 Problems only true Audiobook Fans understand...

bullet Things I Look For In Reviews—Some good stuff here. Over the last year or so, I've wondered a bit about my propensity for "large bits of text" and people being "much less likely to read a review that’s just a bunch of paragraphs together in regular font with nothing to break it up," since that's what I tend to slip into. But adding in graphics or other headers? That's another time investment, and I'm not sure how that'd affect my flow. (okay, this has stopped being about the post and all about me, which is not what this is for...still, readers, I'm open to comments/suggestions)

bullet Fantasy: My Genre Breakdown—The Book in Hand blog gets all taxonomic on Fantasy. Also, I should hire Sam to organize my Goodreads shelves.

Lastly I'd like to say hi and extend a warm welcome toEd A. Murray who followed the blog this week. Don't be a stranger, and use that comment box, would you?


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