Shunning the commercialization of Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Santaween/Chrismukkah, we're celebrating Festivus for the rest of us here at The Irresponsible Reader.


Let's begin our observance!

Festivus PoleHere I am with my Festivus pole. Yeah, it's a little small, but I'd rather spend money on books than the full aluminum pole. Very high strength to weight ratio, nevertheless.


Note the lack of distracting tinsel. It's very important.















And now, let the Airing of Grievances begin.

Airing of Grievances

bullet I have a grievance with the It's 2019, why are we still placing stickers on books? If we have to do that, why hasn't Science come up with a sticker that doesn't leave a gummy residue behind? C'mon, Science, if you can't give us a cure for cancer, a pill so people with Celiac disease can eat bread, or an Oreo that will help me lose weight -- at least you can give us stickers that don't leave gunk on our books!

bullet I have a grievance with Movie/TV covers on books. C'mon people, this is stupid. Sure, it maybe helps sell more copies of the books--but has any book been improved by one of these covers? No! Knock it off!

bullet It's another year without the next installment from Rothfuss/Butcher/Martin. No, my grievance isn't with them, it's with the entitled "fan" of the work, whining at every conceivable moment about how long it's taking them. Because there's nothing else around to read? Let 'em get it right and use that energy to support someone whose books could use it.


(still--Martin, Rothfuss...c'mon...Butcher was able to get something ready to go.)

bullet Whether it's from a mainstream publisher, indie press or a self-pubbed book, we have the technology and (theoretically??) the education that there's no reason for there to be missing/extra punctuation or misspelled words in books.

bullet I have a grievance with the Book Blogging Community. There are way too many good book bloggers out there to keep up with. Some of you need to write less often! Also, you make the rest of us look bad.

bullet I've got a grievance with running out of places to put books and bookshelves that aren't like a bag of holding or TARDIS and can't take an increasing number of books. So...physics, I guess. Yeah, that's right, Laws of the Physics, I'm calling you out. Get your act together!

bullet I've got a grievance with how hard it can be to pick the next book to read despite a having piles of books (see above grievance) waiting to be read/multiple files on an e=reader. I know it's not just me who endures this, so there's gotta be a conspiracy afoot here.

bullet And what's more...I lost my train of thought.



Time for Feats of Strength


Feat of StrengthFor my Feat of Strenth, here I hold my entire TBR over my head.



(actual photo)








Let's see how the rest of you do with your feats.

































































Happy Festivus