As I've been making a point of trying to do more non-review(ish) posts, I've been thinking about trying some of these Top Ten Tuesdays that I've seen other bloggers doing. And looking over the upcoming topics, this one piqued my interest -- do I even have 10 favorite bookmarks? Can I approach that number? So I had to give it a shot.


Turns out that, yes, I had precisely 10 Bookmarks to use. Phew.

This used to be the most common one for me (although #1 has replaced it) -- random bits of paper, preferably heavier stock. Movie tickets and coffee (or other) shop punchcards were the best, but whatever receipt/used envelope nearby would do in a pinch.

Online bookstore freebie. Love these. Amazon used to send me so many of them, I threw them away or lost track of them (regret that, they were good quality). Thankfully, as they've moved past being a "mere" bookstore, there are others out there that haven't.


Better are the ones that authors give away, because, hey -- cover art and it's just good advertising.


Not as heavy, and easier to lose -- pages out of pocket notebooks are decently sized -- and you can write on them. I HATE writing in my books, so this is a major plus.


#8, but signed. Who doesn't like a good autograph? (Anton Strout's autograph here is blurred, to be nice)


Front and back of this one, a nicer take on #6 because I just love the receipt from Atticus' bookstore being one side of this. (Kevin Hearne's autograph here is blurred, to be nice)

4 Left over shopping lists (text blurred because I really don't need you mocking my family's handwriting), decent sized, room for writing.

Yeah, this is technically a repeat of #9. However, these are nicer. I have two of them and use them frequently. WTS bookstore used a nicer paper, heavier than other bookmarks I have, and a little textured. Perfect size. Probably technically the "best" I have.


A few years back, my library started using sheets like this for the books on reserve. Minus: it's a really staticy paper, and super thin, so it's easy to "lose" the bookmark inside the book. Have wasted too much time hunting for the things. Pluses: Plenty of room for writing (some inks and pencils don't do well given the paper type); the title is on the sheet, so you can return the book and have an easy time identifying what the notes are about.

1 (I assure you, there is a bookmark imaged there)
My favorite. Get yourself some printer paper that's perforated (if you're lazy, or too inaccurate with scissors) into thirds. Plenty of room for taking notes (on both sides), good size (unless you're reading a mass-market paperback). Not pretty, but ever so handy.