Faith Volume 2: California Scheming - Jody Houser

This picks up right after the stories in Volume 1 -- Zephyr establishes herself more strongly as a presence in LA, her alter ego Summer makes some more friends, and Faith goes out on a date to a comic con.


I've already had to return this to the library, so I can't remember character names -- sorry. Faith's a major fan (has had recurring romantic dreams about) this super-hero/action film star who's some sort of amalgamation of Chris Evans/Chris Pine/Chris Hemsworth. I don't know if Faith's obsession with goes back before the limited series, but it's well established. Faith does meet him in this collection, and . . . I was disappointed. That story felt too rushed, too hurried -- at the same time, I'm not sure what else could've been done with it -- and the brevity of the interaction between the two served the story. Still, I felt cheated after all the build-up.


That's actually a recurring theme for me when it comes to this collection -- I thought the story telling was a bit more shallow in this collection than the previous, but somehow I enjoyed these stories more. Unlike the limited run, there are a variety of stories being told -- some about Faith, some about her super-heroing, some about her social life as Summer -- so given the width and breadth of the scope, they couldn't get down too deep. Still, I want more depth; I want richer, more developed characters -- but I want them to be as fun as this collection.


Is that asking too much? Yeah, probably. Still this was fun. It made me like the characters more and want to spend more time with them -- which sounds pretty good to me.

I don't think I have anything to say about the art here that I didn't already say about the previous collection -- there's some good stuff here.


Fun characters; shallow, but entertaining stories; spiffy and attractive art -- this collection has everything you'd want. This is a series to get into.


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