Snobbity Snowman (A Children's Picture Book for the Christmas Holiday) - Quiet Riley Jr, Maria Bardyukova

That cover tells you almost everything you need to know. Great cover.


Snobbity is not your typical Snowman -- he's got himself an attitude (although that might be more about what he's made from, not anything wrong with him) and shortly after we meet him, things get rough for him. But there's a lesson to be learned and as he does, things pick up for Snobbity. It's pretty straightforward, with a nice twist toward the end.


One thing that ran through my head while reading this: this book would be so much fun to read to a kid. It starts the way pretty much every snowman story has to (the construction), then the language gets fun, then the story turns to sentimental/the lesson. Up and down and back up again, with a good movement forward. It's something for for the grown up reader to sink their teeth into and entertain the audience.


The art is dynamic, it moves -- right through the story, and helping the reader along -- it's goofy while heartfelt. Almost as much fun as the text. It's just what the pre-reader/early reader will respond to.


This is a lot of fun with a good amount of hope -- highly recommended.


Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for my honest opinions -- I think the authors, this was fun.