Odds 'n ends over the week about books and reading that caught my eye. You've probably seen some/most/all of them, but just in case:

  • The Brightest Fell by Seanan McGuire -- the 11th Toby Daye novel (and 1st Hardcover!) starts a whole new story arc, and . . . wow. It was just so good. Stop reading this and go get it.
  • The Western Star by Craig Johnson -- have heard Johnson talk about this one in a couple of interviews while writing it, been looking forward to it for months.
  • Skyfarer by Joseph Brassey -- This Space Opera knocked my socks off -- and it will do the same for you, probably. See my original post here.
  • Miss Kopp's Midnight Confessions by Amy Stewart -- not my favorite of the three Kopp Sisters novels, but that's more about how good the others were, this story about Constance trying to save three very different young women is worth your time. My post about it is here.
  • Sourdough by Robin Sloan -- I've tried and failed for the last two years to talk about Sloan's last novel, hopefully I do better with this one. Having seen what he can do with a font, a bookstore and Google -- I can't wait so see what he does with a sourdough starter, the Bay Area and technology.
  • Luck Favors the Prepared by Nathaniel Barber -- a good collection of short non-fiction stories that are as funny as they are well-written. See the book tour stop promoting the book from this week here.

Lastly, I'd like to say hi and welcome to His Perfect Timing for following the blog this week.