Why Not Me? - B.J. Novak, Greg Daniels, Mindy Kaling, Mindy Kaling Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) - Mindy Kaling, Michael Schur

These are technically two books -- and you can identify different themes in each, but really, they could be one book, so let's talk about them at the same time. These are collections of humorous essays -- some autobiographical, some not -- from the pen of writer/actress Mindy Kaling. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? covers her childhood and early career, while Why Not Me? focuses on more adult concerns, and her post-The Office career.


I thought the stories about her personal life and career entertaining, and well-told. But the other essays tended to be more creative and more amusing. But I found myself grinning or chuckling throughout. I've liked her before, but these books made me a fan.

My gut tells me that this is too brief, and I should say more -- but I'm not sure what to get into. If you're a fan of her TV work, or like intelligent and funny women (who can write), these are good reads.


Kaling is, naturally, the best narrator possible for these books -- and probably many others (really, think Stephanie Plum as read by Kaling!). I think I liked the performance she gave for Is Everyone a little more, it felt less practiced? More energetic? I'm really not sure, but I wondered several times while listening to Why Not Me? why I didn't like her narration as much. I could 't put my finger on it -- but, it doesn't matter, she was great with both. Just slightly less great.


Funny, heart-felt, maybe a little inspiring -- these essays hit the spot.

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