Odds 'n ends over the week about books and reading that caught my eye. You've probably seen some/most/all of them, but just in case:

  • Hack by Duncan MacMaster -- very excited about this Mystery novel about a Ghost Writer who watched as his client was murdered and found himself a target as well. I blogged about this yesterday, and the author was nice enough to A a few of my Qs.
  • The Astonishing Mistakes of Dahlia Moss by Max Wirestone -- I was excited when I saw this on the release list this week -- the first book in this series was so fun, I hope this is almost as good.
  • Dragonwatch by Brandon Mull -- Really, the last thing the world needed was a sequel to the Fablehaven series. But something tells me that if Mull's returned to the series after this long, it's going to be worth it. My kids who read Fablehaven are too old for this, I'm going to have a hard time justifying this, but curiosity is a strong thing . . .
  • Got Hope by Michael Darling -- Goethe “Got” Luck is back for Round 2 in the Urban Fantasy series. The debut rocked, I have high hopes for this.

Lastly, I'd like to say hi and welcome to Genre Book Reviews and gencyazarlarklubu for following the blog this week.

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