Jaeth's Eye - K.S. Villoso

There is no doubt in my mind that Villoso had a very clear idea what was going on in these pages -- but as I read, I felt like I was constantly e-evaluating what was going on -- guessing what I was supposed to understand, and what was supposed to be being revealed to me (either where I was or in the future).


Not only did I not understand where I was, I couldn't really tell you until the end how everything tied together and what the overall story was. I didn't get the various cultures/ethnicities, I couldn't tell how the various moves by the characters -- or by those they were talking about -- meant anything.


Now, I liked the characters -- I liked the interactions, and every time that the story moved on I hated it, because I'd have to reorient myself. The characters seem to change almost every time I encountered them.

Glancing around the internet I see that I'm alone in this -- every other reviewer seems to have really dug the way Villoso told the story. Great -- that's a relief. I'd rather that I missed out on something good than the alternative -- that Villoso didn't put out something good.


Well, there's one thing that you cannot convince me belongs in this fantasy world -- dime novels. Nope, that just doesn't fit.


I'm going to give this a three because the individual scenes, the character moments were great -- I just couldn't put the pieces together. Go read someone else's take on the book, it's bound to be better than mine.


<i><b>Disclaimer:</b> This book was provided to me by the author in exchange for this post -- sorry it worked out this way for you, K. S.</i>

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