The Day My Fart Followed Me To Hockey - Sam Lawrence, Ben   Jackson

Timmy's a pretty big hockey fan and it's the day of his first hockey tryouts. Nerves are getting to him -- he rejects some good advice, pushes his friend, Little Fart, away (which is pretty understandable -- I mean, who wants their fart that close to them during a tryout?). Sadly, his nerves start to cancel out his ability -- and his fun.


Thankfully, Little Fart is a better friend to Timmy than Timmy was to him -- but can he save the day?


Timmy's a pretty standard little kid character -- someone easily identifiable, and maybe moderately annoying to parents who read it but someone that a child will imprint on.


Little Fart is cute, loyal, supportive and fun -- the ideal not-so-Imaginary Friend. Just the kind of character you hope will linger around. (sorry, I just had to...)


Herrea's illustrations are adorable -- not a word I use frequently, I know -- they grab your eye and hold your attention, doing a pretty good job of telling the story by themselves. Just what a kid would want to go with the words they're reading -- or to keep their attention while being read to.


The story is pretty basic -- the lesson is tried and true, but cleverly and charmingly delivered. Just what a younger reader is going to want. Rather, the lesson and the way it'll get into a kid's head is just what a parent is going to want, the humor and art is what the young reader will want. I enjoyed it -- and my kids are too old for this. A sure thing, for parents and kids alike.


Disclaimer: I received this book from the authors in exchange for this post -- I appreciate it.