The Informationist - Taylor Stevens, Hillary Huber

When I read this 4 years ago, I only had a little to say, but let's start with it:
Heckuva ride. Vanessa Michael Munroe is Lisbeth Salander with a healthier mental state (not saying she's perfectly well adjusted...she's just better adjusted). Same intensity, same ferocity, same tenacity. A character you want to see more of.


I think the novel had a couple too many twists and turns--don't ask me which could be cut out w/o sacrificing the whole, though. But really, if my major complaint about the novel is that the mystery is too complex, keeps you guessing too much? Is that really a knock?


This time through, I think I appreciated the depth of Munroe's character and backstory a bit more. Stevens created a rich character and I look forward to seeing what she does with this world.


Huber's narration was pretty good -- she kept things going well, and captured both the emotion and tension. The only problem I had was with one character -- an African male sounded too much like Kate Mulgrew doing a Russian accent for me.