Rivers of London: Body Work - Ben Aaronovitch, Luis Lobo-Guerrero, Lee Sullivan Hill, Andrew Cartmel
The Folly -- Peter Grant and his boss, Inspector Nightingale -- make their way to comics in this collection from Titan Comics. The two are facing a threat right out of a Stephen King novel: a homicidal car.
There's more to it, of course, but that's it in essence.  
The story was entertaining, and fully captured the feel of the novels (easier with the writer of the books writing these). This seemed slight -- a bit too brief. But it wasn't -- maybe it just flowed so smoothly I didn't notice. Maybe there wasn't that much of a story, I'm not sure. I'm willing to give Aaronovitch and the rest the benefit of the doubt. 
The best part of this collection is that it solidified my mental image of Grant, clarified my idea of Molly, and reshaped/corrected my idea of Nightingale. The art wasn't dazzling, but it was good.
It didn't blow me away, but it scratched the Peter Grant itch and made me want to read more. If I sound like I'm not totally sold on this, it's because I probably wasn't, but I'm glad I read it and should be reading the next collection in a month or so -- so there's that.
Source: http://irresponsiblereader.com/2016/11/17/body-work-by-ben-aaronovitch-andrew-cartmel-lee-sullivan