Scattered Screams: (The Disruption, Book One) - C.A. Huggins

Zombies. Why'd it have to be zombies?


I just don't do zombies -- with very few exceptions. This came close to being one of them, but just couldn't overcome the genre.


Marcus, Ali (his son), and Vic (Ali's friend) are in California visiting colleges when there's a Zombie outbreak. Now, they've got to cross the country with only their wits, strength, and unlikely allies to return home and rejoin their family. Many of the characters they encounter on their journey are pretty interesting, and you can see why the trio would trust and work with them. By the end, some of the characters are almost well-rounded -- given another 30+ pages, they might have reached it. But on the whole, they're flat, but with potential.


The monsters are (basically) the easiest kills I've seen -- teenagers are taking them out with a swing of a makeshift weapon? I do like that there's variety in the monster -- it's not one Zombie race, but at least three strange variations of monster.


It was on the last 2 pages (screens, I guess) that something happened that really interested me. Not enough to get me to grab book two, but there's some real promise there.


Honestly, if you like Horror/Zombie books with a touch of Urban Fantasy, this might be your thing. I can't recommend this, but I can see why many could really get into it.


<i><b>Disclaimer:</b> I received this book from the author in exchange for this post -- sorry.</i>