Full of Briars: An October Daye Novelette - Seanan McGuire

I'm pretty torn about this one, to tell you the truth. Toby's squire, Quentin, is our narrator this time out -- and it's worth reading just to see Toby, May, and Tybalt from his perspective. His parents have come to make everything official with the new Queen of the Mists -- and while they're around, they might as well check in on him and maybe bring him home.


There's no action, no violence, Toby doesn't come close to dying -- it was so weird. There was a lot of talking -- which was fun. Toby was Toby, being irreverent and nigh-disrespectful to Quentin's parents, as she argued for them to leave him where he is. Tybalt was more Tybalt-y than usual, making sure that Quentin's folks knew how little he cared about their status. Quentin's growth as a character, as a person -- his maturation, thanks to age and his service to Toby -- is what's on display here.


It was fun to read, and I wouldn't discourage anyone from it -- but I'm not sure it added a lot to my understanding of Toby or anyone else (including the central character). This is the first non-full length story I've read in this universe, and it doesn't really make me think about trying another one. Still, it was entertaining enough -- and had one killer line (and a few that were really good) -- so I might.

Source: http://irresponsiblereader.com/2016/08/03/full-of-briars-by-seanan-mcguire