Small Wars: A Jack Reacher Story (Kindle Single) - Lee Child

Reacher is still in the army for this one, and is pulled from his assignment to take over for an injured MP. Major Reacher's first job at his new post is to investigate the murder of one of the Pentagon's fastest rising stars.


To help him out (and to help train his underlings) Reacher gets Frances Neagly assigned to him. This story turns out to be a great spotlight for Neagly, actually. She even gets the big fight! This case hits close to home and ends up revealing a lot more about the Pentagon and the victim than anyone expected.


Dick Hill's performance was fine -- there wasn't a lot for him to do here, but what he did worked.


This one didn't work all that well for me -- the solution was unsatisfying, and Reacher's reaction to it might even be worse.