Korian and Lucy: A Cult of the Cat Short Story - Zoe Kalo

Updated 8/9: The author contacted me about this, and assured me that it was an editing mistake on her part that soured me on this story, which is exactly what I hoped it was, and that it's been fixed in the current edition. Which I think makes this a 2-Star story now (maybe higher): I'm not sure it tells us anything we couldn't assume from reading the first novel -- maybe some of the characterization will play a role in later books. Instead of being bad, this is now just inessential. Still, I recommend the first book and plan on reading the second. ---

17 years before the birth of Trinity . . .

That line right there? The setting, words 5-11 of the story, are what killed it for me. Killed it dead.


Why? This is the story about Trinity's mother and father, their brief affair, setting off the events of Daughter of the Sun. Which means, unless one of the types of magic involved in worshiping Egyptian deities involves Seventeen Year Pregnancies, (I can't imagine any mothers I know signing up for a religion that consigns them to pregnancies that last that long) this is a flawed and hastily edited story. There are other chronological issues, but let's stick to that one.


Just when you've gotten comfortable in this story, just start getting to know the characters, the story just stops. It doesn't end, it doesn't resolve, it doesn't leave on a cliff-hanger. It stops and says look for part 2! Are you kidding me?


This is racier than Daughter, easily. Where Daughter suggested, hinted, pointed at Trinity and Ara's sexuality, this story throws it in your face. It's not over the top, but it's very tonally different.


It's not all bad -- the fling/affair/romance between Korian and Lucy had promise; we get the idea that Trinity's beloved grandmother wasn't really all the fantastic, but is more realistic; and the wheels are set in motion that will result in the events of Daughter in a mere 34 years or so.


If only this was a complete story. If only this actually made any kind of chronological sense. If only . . . I could've liked this as much as I liked the first novel. But, it didn't. You're better off not reading this one, folks. Check back for the second novel, but spend your time doing something else.


Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy of this story by the author in exchange for my honest thoughts. Much to her chagrin, no doubt.