Odds 'n ends over the week about books and reading that caught my eye. You've probably seen some/most/all of them, but just in case:

  • The Pursuit by Janet Evanovich & Lee Goldberg -- The 5th installment in the Fox and O'Hare series. It's one of the most entertaining series going, and I can't imagine that this is anything but good.
  • Play Nice by Michael Guillebeau -- how do you not want to read something described as "an Elmore Leonard-style Nancy Drew story"?
  • Waypoint Kangaroo by Curtis C. Chen -- a thriller with SF elements and a sense of humor. Sounds Perfect.
  • New Pompeii by Daniel Godfrey -- killer concept.

Lastly, I'd like to say hi and thanks to bensbitterblog and Karen for the feedback -- I really appreciate that.

Source: http://irresponsiblereader.com/2016/06/25/saturday-miscellany-62516