The Asset - Shane Kuhn

as the title implies, I'm in the middle of this book, so this is not a review, just some thoughts mid-way through.


This is not the Shane Kuhn you know. Well, sort of. This is a standalone thriller about Airport/Airplane Security, Terrorism, and the USA's efforts to keep the friendly skies, well, friendly. It's not as fun and funny as The Intern's Handbook or Hostile Takeover (or whatever they're called in your part of the world). BUT it is just as well-written and suspenseful -- and a little easier to believe, actually.


There are hints, suggestions, indicators, and other things pointing to an immanent terrorist attack on the U.S., and not enough people are taking the situation seriously. At least, least that's the point of view of Kennedy, the security expert and protagonist, who is taking it very seriously. Taking place over 64 days (not a spoiler, that's literally the 2nd line -- although, there could be some action that takes place after that). Will Kennedy be in time to stop it? How will he? this is a pulse-pounder, a nail-biter, a "oh, crud -- do I really have to go to work tomorrow? Do I actually need to sleep before then?" kind of book.


I think I'd prefer it to be harder to believe than the other two books, come to think of it.


I'm almost at the mid-way point of the ARC (with thanks to Simon & Schuster and Shane Kuhn) and I'm telling you now, you want to pre-order this, get on your library's wait-list, or whatever (legal) thing you do to get your hands on a book. It comes out on July 12, you want to be ready for it.