Hounded - Luke Daniels, Kevin Hearne

Keeping this brief so I can catch up on other things, I posted a few quick thoughts about the book previously -- and that still covers most of my thoughts:

It took no time at all for this book to grab me, and another 15 pages for me to fall in love with this. Right off the bat we get a solid action sequence, get the basics of our hero's magic system, and meet a goddess. Not a bad start--it helps a lot that Atticus' personality and charm comes through right away and draws you in.
Then we get a talking dog. Technically a dog (Oberon the Irish Wolfhound) that can communicate telepathically with Atticus, but why get picky? Oberon's snarky, smart and pop culturally savvy--he runs a close second behind Harry Dresden's Mouse for coolest pooch in Urban Fantasy. I'd be willing to read a book that's nothing but Atticus and Oberon hanging out.
Throw in a helpful werewolf pack, a friendly vampire, a troublesome local coven, and a fight with an ancient Celtic deity and you get yourself a dynamic intro to what seems to be one of the best Urban Fantasy series around.

From the point of view of someone who's read book 8, going back to the beginning like this was a lot of fun. I could see the development in Atticus, Laksha and others (even Oberon -- who is now cooler than Mouse), got to see dearly departed friends (like spoiler and other spoiler), and could see a lot of seeds being planted that are still bearing fruit. It was also nice to be reminded why I used to like Granuaile.


So, I guess I should focus on Luke Daniels' narration. It was great -- I'm not crazy about his interpretation of Oberon, but it has an undeniable charm (that goes beyond the incredible amount of charm that Hearne gave him). His characterizations of each everyone are strong -- even the accents. In particular, his Widow MacDonagh made me laugh, even after repeated exposure to her (read the book at least two times, and now listened to the audiobook twice).


It's a fun listen with some great characters -- and the beginning of one of my favorite ongoing series. If you've still happened to miss The Iron Druid Chronicles, this is a great way to dive in.

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