So it doesn't take a dedicated reader of this here blog to know that I'm an Anton Strout fan -- read both his series, frequently plug his podcast (The Once & Future Podcast). My daughter is a pretty big fan of his, too -- especially his Spellmason Chronicles series.


A couple of months back, I saw that another Strout fan had made a plush version of the brick golem, Bricksley, from the series and was selling them on her Etsy page. You can even get her to customize the facial expression.


We celebrated my daughter's birthday today, and I gave her her very own Bricksley. It took her no time at all to recognize him (impressive, since she last read the books in October, 2014) -- and I think it's pretty clear that she liked him.


Anyhow, we were pleased enough (quality work, pleasant to do business with, etc.) that I wanted to take the time to share a plug -- be sure to check out Mellie's Monsters...and cuddly critters for all your cuddly monster needs.