Elphie and Dad go on an Epic adventure (Elphie's books Book 1) - Hagit R. Oron, Or Oron
Picture books are not the usual fare around here, true. But Hagit Oron asked, and I figured, why not? Now, can I get this post up without using more words than the book did? For those who are interested, I also did a quick Q&A with the author
Elphie is a little elephant accompanying his dad on an errand -- but his dad is one of the good ones, and instead of dragging Elphie along -- he entices the child by promising an "epic adventure".  Wearing a cape and carrying a wooden sword, the two set out for a walk to the store.
Along the way, Elphie does battle with imaginary foes, and has one very close call that wasn't imaginary enough. With some guidance from Dad, a great imagination, and a helpful store clerk -- Elphie has an epic adventure indeed.
I really appreciated Dad -- he's not perfect (he gets distracted in a very real and relateable way), but he's trying -- and he recovers from a mistake well. A good guy, not a buffoon, not a super-hero. There's not enough dads like that in books.
The art is great. The colors are vibrant, the drawings pop just right. It's not fantastic, which I honestly get annoyed by in kids' books. It's friendly and eye-catching, very accessible, and engaging -- enough so that you get drawn into it, but not so much that it detracts from the words. The art serves the story -- and will keep the attention of those who can't yet read.
It's been a few years (almost ten) since I've read picture books on a regular basis. This is just the kind of thing I'd have liked then, and would've read -- and then have been "compelled" to read again (and again and again). For those with kids -- or grandkids -- or who might have a kid nearby your Kindle, pick it up.
Source: http://irresponsiblereader.com/2016/03/22/elphie-and-dad-go-on-an-epic-adventure-by-hagit-r-oron-or-oron