Batgirl Vol. 1: The Batgirl of Burnside (The New 52) - Babs Tarr, Cameron Stewart
My dabbling into The New 52 continues . . .
Like everyone who has at least one social network account, I was deluged by images of the new Batgirl uniform back in 2015 -- and I dug it.  I liked the Cassandra Cain incarnation of the character -- but had missed just about all of them post-Barbara Gordon, who didn't do much for me (I was a big Oracle fan, in my defense). So I decided to give this a shot when I saw the collection.  Oh, so glad that I did -- the best of the New 52 comics I've read so far.
Barbara Gordon's in some sort of tiff with Dinah Lance (I'm assuming it's Lance, didn't care enough to check), she's moving out of her old digs into a very trendy, hipster part of Gotham (the part that Nolan or Burton never showed) with a roommate she met doing physical therapy while working on a Master's/Doctorate with a predictive algorithm that will probably go on to turn Gotham into Minority Report or will be Oracle.  Doesn't take her long to need to do the Batgirl thing, so she slaps together a new costume (her old equipment was no longer available) -- the purple leather coat and sneaker thing -- and gets to action.
(you can really tell I'm into detailed research here in that paragraph, can't you? Well, maybe not today)
There's a new gaggle of friends, mostly university based, who help her tremendously. There's a romantic interest or two, conflict with the cops, some good stuff with Dinah, a brush with celebrity culture, and a few laughs.  It's light-hearted when it can be, kick-butt when it has to be.  Which pretty much sums up Barbara, too.
The art?  Wow.  I don't know how to describe it, but it makes you think of a animated show, it's fun, it's dynamic -- it absolutely wouldn't work for a lot of titles, but this one has enough spirit, enough joie de vivre, that it works perfectly.  It supports and doesn't distract from the story, just what you want from comic art.
I really dug this, and hope that this version of her sticks around for a bit (as I write this, I'm fully aware that she's likely morphed at least once into something more Christopher Nolan-esque) -- I'll be looking for more of this one for sure.