I listen to a lot of podcasts -- while driving, shopping, doing chores, etc. Last year, one of my favorites ended, and The Nerdist just dialed back their releases, so I've tried to find some new ones with a book/reading focus to round out my listening (and maybe help the blog). I've listened to occasional episodes of some over the years when there's been a guest I've wanted to hear, but other than The Once & Future Podcast, nothing's really stuck for more than an episode or two. O&F has introduced me to more than it's fair share of authors, so I definitely intend on staying up with it. Even when the author isn't someone I'm interested in, it's pretty entertaining.


Penguin Random House's Beaks & Geeks is a lot of fun. Brief interviews with authors of all genres -- I've really enjoyed plundering their archives for some of my favorites. The episodes with authors I have no interest in don't do anything for me, but if it's an author I'm curious about or already appreciate, these quick podcasts are pretty good.


Since they were nice enough to follow this blog, I've listened to a few episodes of Crime Time Podcast. Is an off-the-wall discussion of crime fiction old and new. My 16 year-old son, who isn't a big crime fiction fan, listened to one episode with me and really enjoyed it, which I figure is a good sign. You really never know what you're going to get with this one, but it'll be fun and funny. The most recent episode had a featured a discussion on tension in fiction, in addition to the specific books they talked about (and the amount of human waste on Mt. Everest, too).


I'm trying a couple of others, but will hold off mentioning them until I decide if they're keepers. In the meantime, I'm looking for suggestions -- what kind of book-ish podcasts do you listen to?

Source: http://irresponsiblereader.com/2016/01/21/bookish-podcasts