Indexing: Reflections (Indexing Series) - Seanan McGuire
". . .we’re going to stop Adrianna and Birdie from doing whatever it is that they’re planning to do." Distort the narrative. Turn the stories that wouldn’t stop replaying to their advantage. We knew the broad strokes, but we’d never quite managed to unsnarl the details. I wasn’t sure they had either. We’d been at their heels every step of the way, and it’s hard to properly plot your evil empire when the damn heroes won’t stop harrying you.
Oh good, I wasn't sure about the details either. If neither the good guys or the bad guys were that clear about it either, I guess it's okay if I was hazy about their evil plan.
I have to admit, after the last chapter -- and the momentum that had built up to it -- I thought this was a bit of a let-down. Not much, just a bit, like McGuire had let her foot off the gas a little bit now that she was in her final lap. 
Given the nature of what Henry and the others were setting out to do -- namely, rescue Sloane -- I really can't complain too much that Sloane didn't get to do enough, but blast it -- she didn't. It makes sense that there wasn't a lot for her to do, but I'd like to think that somehow, this could've been dealt with in a better way. I'm probalby wrong, McGuire knows what she's doing, but that was my impression while reading. 
Thankfully, Andy was there to pick up a little of the slack (among other things) -- this is probably the best use of Andy in either book. Definitely the best use of him in Reflections.
The confrontation between Henry and Adrianna was pretty satisfying, I wanted more. I'm tempted to say I'm just being greedy, but I think it goes back to the letting the foot off the gas thing. I was definitely less-than-satisfied with the confrontation with Birdie. 
McGuire used a very effective -- and subtle -- way to do an info dump at the end to let the reader know everything that happened off-screen and point to how things'll be going in the future. I don't know if Amazon/McGuire are planning on a Season 3, but if they are, I have a hunch it'll be a doozy.
Sure the ending, could've been a little stronger, but it got the job done, and ultimately, that's enough.