Before we get to The Best of, if you're really curious, here's a list of every book I read in 2015.


This list was harder to put together than last year's -- you think this'd be easy, look at the 5-star ratings, pick 10. But while I stand by my initial ratings, there are some in the 5-Star group that aren't as good as some of the 4 and 4½ books, although for whatever reason, I ranked them higher (entertainment value, sentimental value...liked the ending better...etc.). Anyway, I came up with a list I think I can live with.


Last year, I did a Runners-Up list, too. There are too many to bother with this year. Which is a good thing -- a lotta good books last year. I also did a worst of 2014, which I didn't do to be mean last year -- but for some reason feels mean this year, so I'll skip that, too. yesterday's year-end post, I can't get this one to look right on booklikes (without spending a lot more time than I have/want to). So, if you're curious, pop over to my blog.