Indexing: Reflections (Indexing Series) - Seanan McGuire
Dying, as it turned out, was quite a pleasant thing. The world went soft around the edges, taking all the pain and confusion and betrayal with it. They had seemed so important not long ago, when time had been measured in years, not in seconds. Now, it was finally clear that they’d never really mattered at all.

Well now, that was something. This is probably the Platonic ideal of Indexing episodes.


We start with a character putting all of the pieces together at the last second -- technically, milliseconds after the last second, I guess. We get to see that there are some advantages to living in a Fairy Tale (and it's about time, too. This made me realize that there's really been no upside to be found for these people). We see again that Demi is someone not to be taken lightly, and that Ciara is in the running for most fun character McGuire's yet given us (not just in the Indexing stories, either).


That's before we get to the meat of the action and the center of this story, too.


McGuire just nailed this one -- good character moments, high-stakes action, good use of magic, important reveals, without for a beat missing the sense of fun  that this series demands (and she too-often loses). All of the questions and concerns I had about this second series were wiped away with this episode -- it's all been building to this, and McGuire pulled it off.


The rest of this series is going to be great, and I can't wait to see what McGuire does with it.