Indexing: Reflections (Indexing Series) - Seanan McGuire

Just what I needed after "Holly Tree," Sloane puts the pieces together, and the bad guys show their hand. But wait, there's more -- a fascinating narrative incursion, and some real tension -- both physical danger and a heart and soul in jeopardy.


The incursion was a "Puss in Boots," which just gets our characters out of the office and into a situation where things can happen. Which isn't that uncommon this second series, but is frustrating. I'd have loved to see more with this Marquis of Carabas tussling with the Sloane and the team. Still, what McGuire did instead? So much better.


I really can't say more about this one (like the last couple) without ruining the whole thing, so I'll just leave it as: exciting, intriguing, and what we learn about what Birdie and Elise makes this series all the more interesting. As for what Sloane learns about herself? Fuhgeddaboudit.


I expect that Episode Ten will be all about Henry and that we'll have to wait until Eleven to see what happens as the result of this one, and that's going to drive me crazy. Even if I like Episode Ten a whole lot more than I have the last couple of Henry-centric episodes. And maybe people who aren't Henry or Sloane will have something to do.