Indexing: Reflections (Indexing Series) - Seanan McGuire
So we were going to do this the hard way. Fine. I’m Sloane Winters: I invented the hard way. "You want to ignore what’s right in front of your faces, that’s okay by me. I’ll just laugh even harder when it turns around and bites you. Assholes."
"Thanks for the motivational speech, Sloane," said Andrew, wrinkling his nose. "Any time I start to feel like things are going well, all I have to do is remember your contributions to this team."
Henry's a cool character, but man, Sloane is just a fun narrator -- assuming that things get back to their heightened "normal," I'm going miss her.
So there's a Fairy Tale incursion, a Godfather Death, that I've never heard of -- but man, it doesn't sound like fodder for a Disney movie, I'll tell you that.  Opening with this is a great setup for the chapter -- there's drama, a little action, and a few laughs. Have I mentioned I really enjoy reading about Sloane?
Then things take a turn for the dramatic -- Henry's back from her little mission, but . . . something's not right.  Even if it has nothing to do with stopping evil/saving the world, I hope they can take care of whatever's not right just for Jeffrey's sake.  And then we get a Rapunzel in action -- and a not-so-typical Sloane solution.
I've enjoyed what we've seen from Ciara so far -- but her working on the locks, and how she describes it?  It's just gold. Probably the highlight of the episode. I hope, if there's another sequel, she doesn't disappear into HR.
I think having this chapter before the last would've been more interesting -- just to see if we'd have been able to figure why Sloane's Spidey-Sense was going off, without a very strong possibility having been talked about last chapter.  Even if I'm wrong, watching this unfold is going to be very interesting.  Possibly more interesting than seeing what happens with Birdie and Elise.