Covenant's End - Ari Marmell

Ari Marmell has decided to bring our time with Widdershins to a close. On the one hand, I understand the choice. On the other hand, I enjoy these too much to let go willingly.


It turns out that the great and nasty demon that she pushed herself and her friends to -- and past -- the limit to defeat back in <b>False Covenant</b> had friends -- or at least family. And thanks to Widdershins old foe Lisette, they are getting closer and closer to setting up camp in Davillon (and probably the whole world, really).


Widdershins has to call on all her allies -- old, new, unwanted and not terribly wiling -- and friends, play every trick in the book (and invent a few), and be prepared to sacrifice everything just to have a fighting chance here.


Emotionally, spiritually, physically -- whatever she's gone through before is nothing compared to this. While it is very much a team effort, let's not get confused -- her name is in the series title, and she's the only one on the cover. It's Widdershins story, and the weight of this falls on her. Yet, she faces the danger with humor, aplomb and panache (and the help the deity living in her head).


For a book as dark, foreboding, bloody and so . . . final; I sure spent a lot of time smiling and chuckling. It's a quick, exciting read that checks off every tick box you might have for a finale.