Indexing: Reflections (Indexing Series) - Seanan McGuire

So, having reassembled the team, reviewed the events of the last book and refocused both readers and characters to their mission, it's time to get the ball rolling on this season.


Once again, McGuire introduces the AFI team to a problem that seems sort of light-hearted at first (investigating a House that Jack Built, complete with lines like, "Sloane had managed to locate the cat that chased the rat") -- but with some dark undertones. But before we get too far into it, Henry and the crew are interrupted and have to swing off in another direction. And this direction is a doozy -- the prison to hold the Fairy Tales who've fully manifested in a bad-for-society way -- has a jail break. It's not just any jail break either, because the Narrative has seemingly done something impossible along the way. But I'll let Henry spell that part out to ya. I'll just say that I really like where this is going.


On the one hand, I thought what we learned about Demi in the previous episode helped us understand her better, and demonstrated her commitment to the cause/team. So when many of the same notes where struck this episode, I wasn't thrilled -- but, what we heard/saw this time, was different enough to justify it. Seriously, Demi is either going to be a superstar in the AFI, or when she turns and stabs everyone in the back, it's going to hurt a lot. I'm hoping for the former, am (trying to) ready for the latter.


Elsie, the escapee, is either going to be a great Big Bad for this season, a great underling, solider for a better Big Bad, or a nice warm-up for the next few weeks until we get to the Big Bad. Mid-sentence there, I thought of several other options for Elsie's role. Whatever that role ends up being, I think I'm going to enjoy her.


Overall, it's more of a set-up chapter than anything else, but it was very promising and entertaining. Which is good enough.