Hostile Takeover - Shane Kuhn
John Lago is back, folks -- and he picks up right where he left off, with some of the most adrenaline and testosterone-fueled writing you'll come across this year.  That may not be your cup of tea.  
Hostile Takeover is one of those sequels I didn't think needed to exist.  Seriously, who was dissatisfied with where things ended up for Lago?  It was narratively sufficient as it was -- but as the opening lines of this book could've literally been the next page in The Intern's Handbook, it's hard to complain. 
So, John decides to tie up two loose ends: 1. Alice and 2. HR, Inc.  He marries Alice and the two take over HR but it doesn't take too long (at least not many pages) before both of those go wrong -- they break up and she kicks him out of the company (not really spoiler material, folks, it's in the Jacket Copy).  John switches to Plan B, the complete destruction of both.  Which is not the most mature of plans, you've got to admit.
Which is the bulk of the book -- John going undercover again, John trying (and/or being the target of) elaborate assassination schemes, great fight scenes and enough munitions used to make Michael Bay choke.  All delivered in that movie-obsessed, rapid-fire (no pun intended) narration that won over so many fans before.
I thoroughly enjoyed, have used already, and will continue to do so, Lago's comments on the movie Fletch.  It was that line that reminded me how much I liked the first book.
Did I enjoy this as much as The Intern's Handbook?  Nope.  Only because it didn't blow me away with it's freshness.  But it's a worthy sequel, as good as it's predecessor and leaves me wanting more. An intense, fast read -- buckle up and enjoy the ride.