Is there anyone holding this book in their hands that needs to be given this information? Why waste the ink?
Also by Harper Lee
"Oh, To Kill a Mockingbird, huh? Never heard of it. Wonder if it's any good."


Obviously, there are people who haven't heard of the Mockingbird -- but none of them are going to be tempted to pick up Go Set a Watchman.


Now, the question is, once the initial furor/money-grab over this new book has died down, are there going to be future printings of Mockingbird printed with an "Also by Harper Lee" page? And if so, will the font size be legible?


At this point, I've got a little less than a hundred pages to go in the book, and I have no idea what I think of it. Individual sentences or paragraphs? I have very strong opinions about some of them.


But the novel?


I just don't know.