Indexing: Reflections (Indexing Series) - Seanan McGuire
Fairy tales are not for children, and they don’t care who dies. They never have.
Seanan McGuire's Indexing is back, and it's like we never left.  
It's been a few weeks since the team saved the world, but the ATV's investigation into the matter isn't quite finished.  They've got one more hurdle to get through: a series of interviews with an HR Department shrink. 
It's a nice little narrative device -- we're reintroduced to the characters (or new readers are introduced), get the last series recapped (and interpreted from a couple of angles), we get to see how the team's reacting to the rather dramatic turn of events they lived through, and get ready for what's next.  Since there are (an estimated) eleven more episodes to go through -- you know going in that things are going to go pretty well for the majority of them.  Sure, there's a chance that one or two will be packed off somewhere for some "treatment" or "observation", but the team, as a whole, will be fine.
It's a lot like a lot of TV season premiers, actually.  
There were a couple of highlights for me:
  • Sloane made me laugh, hard, at her apologetic for keeping Henry around (and I liked pretty much everything else she did here).
  • I probably enjoyed Demi more than I have before.
  • The more time we spend with Jeff, the more he threatens Sloane as the series' most interesting and/or entertaining character.
  • I hope (and sorta fear) that we get to spend a little more time with Dr. Ciara Bloomfield --in her professional capacity, she'd be fun to have around; if it's about her personal life, I can't imagine that'd be pretty.
Really, not much to talk about here -- this is why I don't normally do chapter-by-chapter writeups. Still, I like the world, characters, and the whole serialized novel thing.  Happy to have it back