This is one of those weeks where I've been working a lot here -- and frustratingly enough, you can't see it. I'll try to finish a few things next week. Reading so many good things lately, I want to share them with you. In the meantime, here are the odds 'n ends over the week about books and reading that caught my eye. You've probably seen some/most/all of them, but just in case:

  • Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee -- maybe you've heard of it
  • Armada by Ernest Cline -- Loved it -- you should buy it (and read my take on it)
  • Scents and Sensibility by Spencer Quinn -- Just finished this -- so, so good. Chet and Bernie are at their best here.
  • Hostile Takeover by Shane Kuhn -- I frankly didn't see the need for a sequel to The Intern's Handbook, but man I'm looking forward to it.
  • Last First Snow by Max Gladstone -- The looks just as good and unconventional as the rest of this sequence.
  • Cold Iron by Stina Leicht -- wasn't that interested (not disinterested, mind you) until I read her Big Idea over at Whatever, and now it's on my short list.
  • Alive by Scott Sigler -- Book One of the Generations Trilogy. Looks interesting, I know at least one of my kids is going to be wanting this
  • Once Upon a Crime: by P. J. Brackston -- Gretel (of Hans and...) is a P.I. Huh.
  • Lagoon by Nnedi Okorafor -- this First Contact tale looks a little...different.

Lastly, I'd like to say hi and welcome to Michelle Kim for following the blog this week, and to The Reader Who Lives a Thousand Lives for following the ugly BookLikes version.