Murder Boy - Bryon Quertermous

File this one under "There's no accounting for taste."  And by that, I mean mine.  By all accounts, this is one that should've appealed to me.  The premise promises something like The Wonder Boys meets Fargo and Koryta's endorsement (among others) makes it seem like that promise is fulfilled. 

But nope.  Just didn't do anything for me at all.  Didn't find it funny.  Didn't buy any of the characters.  I wanted the protagonist/narrator to get smacked around and dumped in the trunk of the car for everything after chapter 4 (and I wouldn't have been incredibly concerned with the state of his health while in the trunk).  Really, nothing about it (apart from the premise) appealed to me.
Quertermous mingles in some thoughts (maybe insights?) about narrative -- both what we read and what we construct for ourselves.  There's actually a lot of metanarrative fodder for thought sprinkled throughout.  And if I liked this book -- even a little -- I think I'd have found it insightful and entertaining.  But as things were, it just came across as pretentious and annoying.  
I might -- might -- give this another shot when the sequel comes out.  Or I just might try the sequel, to see if it was my mood, the kind of books I'm reading at the moment, or something else that shows my problem with the book was internal.  But right now?  Just humbug.