Have seen a few folks do a month-end wrap-up, sorta liked the idea (it is more work than I thought, so I'm not sure what I think of it now). So anyway, here's what happened here in May.

Books Read:

Goodbye Ginny Madison The Midnight Plan of the Repo Man What the Dog Knows
2 1/2 Stars 3.5 Stars 4 Stars
A Simple Way to Pray Another Man’s Moccasins Buried Secrets
2 Stars 3.5 Stars 4 Stars
Woof NSA Priest Concussion Cover-Up
3 Stars 3 Stars 2 Stars
Soulless The Worst Class Trip Eve Kickback
3.5 Stars 3 Stars 5 Stars
The Snapper Attack the Geek Off to Be the Wizard
4 1/2 Stars 3.5 Stars 4 Stars
3.5 Stars    

Still Reading:

The Christian In Complete Armour The True Doctrine of the Sabbath Three Parts Dead

Reviews Posted:


How was your month?

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