Chasing the Prophecy - Brandon Mull

A really brief review (a reviewlet?) from <a href="" target="_blank">a blog post reviewing a handful of series-finales</a><p style="text-align:center;">-----</p>

Wow -- Mull concluded his Beyonder's trilogy in a fantastic fashion.  Given the target audience, I couldn't believe how many deaths there were in this book.  But, not in a gory or exploitative way.  Just a huge body count.  But, the core of this book remained the same: these two Beyonders, Rachel and Jason, risking everything for the sake of Lyrian.  There's sacrifice, honor, loyalty, and courage -- all the necessary elements of a tale full of heroes -- natives and Beyonders, warriors and children, those with many lives and those with only one to lose.  Which is not to say it's not fun -- there's a lot of fun to be had by the characters and the readers. Great way to go out.