Breach Zone - Myke Cole
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I really, really liked all of Myke Cole's <b>Shadow Ops</b> series -- a gritty, believable mix of Contemporary Military and Fantasy, and yet, I've never reviewed one of his books.  Don't ask me why.

This, the conclusion to the trilogy, is just outstanding.  You know how at the end of (pretty much) every fantasy novel, there's this big, epic battle that takes up most of the last &#188; - &#8531; of the novel?  That's pretty much this entire book.  Okay, not really -- there's plenty of backstory, character development and wrapping up the trilogy.  But while reading, it sure felt like it was an epic fantasy battle on the streets and in the waters of New York.  Somewhere in there, Cole looks gain at questions of patriotism, duty, ethics and morality -- and how people of integrity can try to harmonize them all (and, more often, how those with integrity can't harmonize them all).  Seriously, awesome stuff.