Fiddlehead - Cherie Priest
A really brief review (a reviewlet?) from" target="_blank">a blog post reviewing a handful of series-finales


Nice looking book -- love the cover, the layout and the graphics are great.  I miss the brown ink -- what gives, Tor?  Sure, the content is the important thing, it's just nice when the package it's wrapped in is nice to look at.  Speaking of content -- this (like the rest of this group) is a fitting -- and thrilling -- conclusion to the series.  Lincoln (wheelchair-bound following the unsuccessful assassination attempt at Ford's Theater) and President Grant working together near the end of the Civil War to protect a freeman scientist who built an early computer -- the eponymous Fiddlehead.  Fiddlehead is the best chance to end the War without making everything worse.   The presidents, with the assistance of Pinkerton agent Maria Boyd and intelligence from -- well, everywhere else this series has focused -- in order to begin to deal with the Rotters.  I think it's possible that Boyd is my favorite character in the series -- in the Top 3, anyway. 

I just didn't want this series to end, I understand it needed to, but man...just didn't want that.