As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride - Joe Layden, Cary Elwes, Rob Reiner
I'm not the world's biggest Cary Elwes fan -- I've never not enjoyed him, but I've never sat down and said "I should find an Elwes movie to watch" or "oh, Elwes is in that movie/show? Gotta watch it now."  So when I saw this book on the shelves, I thought "how nice for him that he wrote a memoir," and since he was in his Dread Pirate Roberts getup that he's not one of those actors who's running from the one thing that made them "big."  But I had no real interest in reading it -- enough so that I didn't even read the subtitle, which probably would've piqued my interest.
So it wasn't until he was a guest on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show that I learned anything about the book (audio version is here, the video version is here and either would be well-worth your time) and decided I really wanted to read this book.
This is also one of the biggest reasons not to read the book -- Elwes tells about half the stories in the book during the interview.  And hearing him tell them, clearly enjoy the memories, and do pretty good impressions and entertaining voices while doing so is more enjoyable than reading them after the fact.  
Still, I'm glad I read the book -- there are plenty of other stories about the making of that wonderful movie, some details he doesn't give of the stories he did -- and some bits from interviews that Elwes and/or the writer working with him did with the cast, director, writer and producer.  I laughed out loud at one of the new stories, and enjoyed many of the others.
It's clear that Elwes loved making this movie and the way it's become a favorite of so many.  There are some funny stories (most of them), some interesting behind the scenes stuff, and some perspective on his fellow cast members.  
Particularly, this book reads as a mini-tribute to Andre the Giant.  If there's a good biography of him, I should track it down, the man had a fascinating life.  This book  needs to be read for the story of Andre the Giant farting during filming alone -- I promise that it will make your inner-8-year-old boy laugh (even if you're a grown woman who didn't realize you had an  inner-8-year-old boy).
Not the best book I've ever read about making a film, but probably the warmest.  A very pleasant read, and I'd really recommend it to fans of The Princess Bride.  I've got to find the time to watch the movie now...and maybe re-read the book, too.