Broken Soul  - Faith Hunter
In many ways, Broken Soul functions merely to clear the deck of lingering plot lines, tie up a few loose ends, and set things up for the next few novels.  But wow - what a way to accomplish all that!
There's murder, mayhem, romance, torture, destruction, intrigue,  a whole new supernatural species, bombs, tattooed vamps, a whole lotta secrets revealed, and Sabina cracks up at something Jane says (which is as strange and creepifying you'd think).
While everyone's adjusting to the new status quo after the shakeup in Black Arts, Leothe New Orleans vampires receive word that the Europeans are coming for a visit.  And maybe to invade and take over a more hospitable part of the world for the Mithrans.  So Jane, Del and the rest start to prepare -- when said new species (new to us readers, not to the vampires) attacks.  And honestly, all the most powerful vampires in The Big Easy and everyone's favorite skinwalker are no match for the beastie.  
Then things get worse.  Possibly the best fight scenes that Hunter's given us are here -- two or three of them, actually.  
While her professional life is getting even more interesting than usual, Jane's personal life gets put in order -- and shaken up, but in a good way.  
On the tamer side of things is a section of the book where Jane realizes two things about herself: 1.  She's put down roots in New Orleans (and in the lives of people like Eli and Alex) and 2. (her words) she's become a girl -- with girly tastes and clothes.  This was some good, earned character development that Hunter pulled off with a lot of humor.  
For my taste, the sexyfuntime was a bit too prolonged and detailed -- we could've left those two a little more privacy. Then again, it never came close to The Wise Man's Fear, so I shouldn't complain.
There was a point or two that I was a little worried Hunter was going to back to the 'I realized I'd said that out loud " well too often.  But the line worked every time, so, who am I to say what's too often?
Hunter's clearly got some big things in store for Janie and the rest -- I can't wait to see what that's going to be.  So glad there's only a few months until the Dark Heir.  This would work as a jumping on point to the series if you're looking for one, but you'd be better off going back to the beginning.